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School Nutrition Programme

Eat well. Live well

What is First Goal Nutrition?

First Goal nutrition is a healthy lifestyle programme that encompasses healthy eating and physical activity into a fun and inclusive environment. 

Our mission

At first goal nutrition we think it’s very important that children learn the importance of good nutrition and the benefits of regular physical exercise. 

We do this through a combination of in class work and playing games relating to the work we have done in the class. This helps reinforce the key nutritional messages in a more fun and engaging way.

Programme Details

Our Nutrition programme can be tailor made to meet specific requirements for your school. The programme can be tailor made for any year group in your school, including meeting specific curriculum guidelines. Our nutrition programme is usually split into two phases which is to help keep the programme structured and provides an easier learning path. We can also offer packages to include our after school club service. 


Phase 1 of our nutrition classes involves learning about the eat-well guide, giving children the opportunity to try a new fruit and vegetable every week. We also include physical activity in our class structure which involves lots of games to reinforce the nutritional messages.

Healthy Lifestyle

Phase 2 involves learning other areas of a healthy lifestyle such as the importance of sleep, oral health, water intake and the impact fast food can have on a person. During the physical activity sessions there is more of an emphasis on sport and team based games.

To discuss or find out more about our School Nutrition Programme please contact us. 

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